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Monday, July 15, 2013
By Tracy Reker
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Hello All!

I get asked many questions, so I thought I should start blogging and give you all some helpful hints, and let you know about some fun and exciting clients all the same time! 

The first tip, wether you're shooting with me or any photographer, don't wear any loud patterns on shoots. It will generally date your pictures, as well as draw away from your beautiful smiles.

When doing family photo's you can honestly wear whatever you want. You can all match, or you can wear colours that simply compliment each other (ex: don't put pastels with neons lol!) Solid colours or subtle patterns usually work best for shoots, and white shirts and jeans always look nice as well! I do recomend doing at least one change of outfit for shoots, as you may not always like how an outfit looks in the photos. It also gives you more options when it comes to choosing your pictures. Even just a scarf or jacket will drastically change the look of your outfit!

When doing mommy glow shoots (maternity shoots), always bring black and white tube and/or tank tops or even sports bras, black and white tighter shorts, as well as your regular clothes, such as dresses etc. For many of the shoots we are wrapping you in material, and these items do help with this process.

For newborn shoots, don't worry, we never rush you when it comes to feeding or changing your baby! We know that they are not on a scehdule, and we just want them to be happy, healthy, and relaxed, so we allow as much time as needed for this! 

On boudoir shoots, false lashes will always bring out your eyes. These come in a variety of different thicknesses and lengths, and I highly recommend them. The other thing that the shoot should not go without is at least one pair of stiletto's. No worries if you can't walk in them, we won't send you on a hike! You will just be laying down, looking absolutely stunning. I always recommend bringing as many sexy bras, panties, and lingerie as you have. Before the shoot starts, we always go over everything you bring, and I help narrow down the choices as to what will photograph best. This shoot always requires a lot of outfit changes, and is always tons of fun! Most of my clients on the way over always tell me they wanted to turn around and/or throw up, but five to ten minutes into a shoot they are always laughing and comfortable, and having a wonderful time. This is because they realize that I too am a woman with all the exact same insecurities as they have!

Finally, the best and most important tip of all is to just have fun! Stay tuned for more to come :)