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Ok me. . . What can I say about me. . . I’m really not

great at talking about me, but here it goes. I’m

a dork with pink hair and I love everyone! I love

trying to make people smile and showing them

how truly beautiful they really are. I’ve had a

camera in my hand since I was 10 years old,

shooting everyone and everything I’ve seen. I

use to make all my friends model for me so I

could become one with my camera.  By age

17 I shot my first wedding and I rocked it.

That’s it I was hooked! I was in love for the

first time and it was with my camera. My parents

put a dark room in the basement and they would

lose me for hours. I would spend every minute that

I wasn’t shooting in there developing my pictures.

Needless to say photography is my passion. I’m not

a fly by night business. Photography is my life’s work,

I think it’s why I was put here on Earth. I love everything

about it. I get to meet so many different people from all

walks of life which is awesome because no two people

are the same not even twins so my job is

ever changing and I blend my personality and

vision with theirs and we come up with something

amazing and different every time. It’s kinda awesome

being me, I freeze time, I’m kinda a superhero! 


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